Being German owned and managed, the restaurant at Schneider’s Boutique Hotel  fulfills the international expectations of the Discerning Diners. Indeed, at Schneider’s, we are proud of our Cuisine, with a widely diverse Menu that is sure to tantilize the most refined tastebuds. Guests will appreciate the eclectic mix of South African cookery at it’s best : blended with the distinct fusion of European Food. We go to extremes to ensure the choicest Cuts, the crispest Vegetables and the finest quality Herbs, Spices and Condiments : and our chef  are painstaking in the preparation of every meal.

Equally, our Wine List is the perfect compliment to the menu, with an enticing range of the popular Wines of today. You will find the perfect accompaniment to your meal, either a special Estate Wine from renowned SA vineyards, or an imported wine.  All Wines listed have clear explanations of Bouquet, Flavour, Aroma, and exactly what you can expect from the bottle : as well as recommendations of matching a particular Wine to a particular meal.

From the 1. Nov 2016 we completed our team with a executive chef Wendy Dunn. Since 1983 her passion is in food. She travelled all over the world and learned to cook under German chefs here in South Africa. This was for her one reason to take the challenge and work for German’s again.

Click below to download our Full Menu or our Wine List: